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Online Employee Schedule Manager

Published 01/16/2013 and rated Ratingstars5 5 out of 5 stars
by Shel Gatto
What can you use the app for?


Managers can:

Create and keep track of employee schedules; record and download reports of employee absences and time off; create and maintain secure records with employee information; create and store timesheets; keep track of important dates: birthdays, anniversaries and company events through the calendar tool.

Employees can:

Enter their hours worked with TrackSmart's timesheet tool; request vacation days and time off; view their own calendars of events and work schedules; and view other employees time off (with permission).


Managers can:

Create, approve and repeat employee schedules with the auto scheduler tool; create payroll reports with ease using approved time clock data; track labor costs against their labor budget; view employee’s time-off and vacation requests; set break rules which we automatically implement into employee shifts to ensure compliance laws are met.

Employees can:

Check their work schedules from any device; swap shifts with other employees (with their manager’s approval); request time off through the app for approval; keep up-to-date on schedules, swap requests, upcoming shifts and in-app messages with the employee dashboard function.


Managers can:

Create, approve and repeat staff schedules from any device with the auto scheduler tool; track what employees are clocked in from anywhere and any device; designate any device to be a time clock where employees can clock in and out; manage and download accurate records when calculating payroll and labor costs; monitor which employees are following their schedules and which aren’t.

Employees can:

Clock in from any designated device (even if they’re working remotely); view their time records in daily, weekly and monthly time frames.

TrackSmart screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app?

TrackSmart has been around since 2012.

Thousands of business owners use TrackSmart's time and attendance software to track millions of employees each year.

What are the differences to other apps?

One key difference between TrackSmart’s apps and other apps is that TrackSmart offers unlimited personal support. Each customer is assigned a Customer Success Coach at no additional fee. The coaches are provided to build a relationship with the customers as well as assist with the initial on-boarding process and when any issues occur. The coaches partner with the customers to address their specific needs. The customer can simply set up an appointment with our tool to schedule a time to chat with their coach.

Other differences between TrackSmart and other time and attendance apps are: TrackSmart's compliance tools and knowledge protect businesses from breaking compliance laws, Ease of use: the ability to program time clock and scheduling features into any device, Self-service: giving employees the ability to take charge by allowing them to request schedule changes, time off, shift swaps, etc.

How does the web app look and feel to use?

The TrackSmart app is easy to use. TrackSmart provide many tools and resources to aid customers through their TrackSmart experience including: a Help Desk tool, a Knowledge Center and an assigned Customer Success Coach.

How does the registration process work?

The registration process is easy. TrackSmart offer free trials for all three of the applications. A 30 day free trial is offered for Attendance and a 14 day free trial for Scheduling and TimeClock.

In order to sign up for the free trial, all you have to do is enter an email and password and answer a few simple questions about your business: name, number of employees, etc. No credit card is required at this point.

Once you’re ready to switch over to one of TrackSmart's annual or monthly plans, you can simply click the setting button, click on billing and payment, and choose the monthly or yearly plan you want.

What does it cost to use the application?


CoreTrack: $169 annually or $21.95 monthly

Attendance for up to 20 people

Up to 7 event codes

Up to 12 absence codes

FlexTrack: $269 annually or $31.95 monthly

Attendance for up to 50 people

Time Sheets

Supervisor Approval

Up to 10 event codes

Up to 18 absence codes

PowerTrack: $369 annually or $41.95 monthly

Attendance for up to 100 people

Time sheets

Supervisor approval


Unlimited event codes

Unlimited absence codes


Basic: $264 annually ($22 monthly) or $24 monthly

Scheduling for up to 15 people

Plus: $528 annually ($44 monthly) or $49 monthly

Scheduling for up to 35 people

Includes TimeClock features

Premium: $768 annually ($64 monthly) or $69 monthly

Scheduling for up to 60 people

Includes TimeClock features

Enterprise: $1,068 annually ($89 monthly) or $99 monthly

Scheduling for up to 100 people

Includes TimeClock features


Basic: $264 annually ($22 monthly) or $24 monthly

TimeClock for up to 15 people

Plus: $528 annually ($44 monthly) or $49 monthly

TimeClock for up to 35 people

Includes Scheduling features

Premium: $768 annually ($64 monthly) or $69 monthly

TimeClock for up to 60 people

Includes Scheduling features

Enterprise: $1,068 annually ($89 monthly) or $99 monthly

TimeClock for up to 100 people

Includes Scheduling features

Who would you recommend the application to?

We would recommend the app to the following:

Small business owners

Factory owners

Plant owners

Warehouse owners

Retail owners (shop owners)

Medical practice owners

Doctors’ offices

Psychiatrist offices

Physical therapy

Small hospitals / clinics

Small psychiatrist offices

Nursing homes

Treatment centers

Birthing centers

Veterinary offices



Tutoring centers

Business offices


Coffee shops




Non-profit organizations

  • Manage employee schedules in one place online
  • View detailed schedule reports
  • Accept time off requests through the application
  • Tap into a larger community of users for assistance or ideas
  • Access attendance records from any PC with an internet connection

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TrackSmart pricing

FREE - Permanently free version
Cheapest plan (per month) : $14.95
Most expensive plan (per month) : $34.95




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